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Lessons of Life

Writing is in itself very relaxing and it gets better if the writing rhymes. Thats what makes writing a poem more rewarding than any other form of writing. My definition of a Poem would be, writing that makes sense and rhymes well. Although I have seen a lot of people writing poems, which may makes sense but doesnt rhyme and sometimes it is absolutely senseless too. At first I thought what a crazy world this is. But on second thoughts, if by writing something you feel better then why not.
After all, writing is a good way to soothe your soul and mind. When I wrote my first poem, the joy it gave me was in abundance and left me guessing if I really wrote it. I wrote my first poem when I was 24 years old. Although I could convert my thoughts into words very easily, it took me 24 years to bring out the poetess in me. Its all a matter of trying out things, I guess.

Another funny thing is as much as I love to write poems, I am very choosy about reading them. Honestly, some poems doesnt make a good reading. The person who wrote it can only bear to read it. Such poems are special poems. Because the mind doesnt interfere at all, its 100% involvement of the heart.

I always looked for some specific guidelines for writing poems. Wouldnt it be easier then for anyone, that is writing poems. However many would argue that poem is a form of creative writing. And for creative writing there cannot be dos and donts. Or maybe there are but I am unaware of.

This is one of my favorite poems:

Lessons of life

In your eyes, dear friend,
I see a look
Which fails to understand,
Why every attempt of yours,
Turns out to be such futile endeavours
But then, O’ dear, dont you know,
With every strike of fire,
Gold earns some more glow
Things not moving where u want them to go,
Is it why you are feeling so low
But then, O’ dear, don’t you know
Time teaches us a lot,
And decides what we are waiting for
If we are worthy of it or not
When things go wrong just sit tight,
Its god’s way of putting in u, that extra light
Trust me, will come the day,
You will find your way
Walking which, your heart will feel,
All the past wounds heal.

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By I-m-me @ 8:16 AM,


At 2:49 AM, Blogger Divyesh .R said...

Dear Sachana,

very nice one... meaningful .. really it touched my heart man... wonderful... i hope u ll write more poems like tht


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