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Life of a freelancer

This is the story of a freelancer,
Whose life can be compared to a roller coaster
More than the hardships of the job,
It’s the hunting for work that’s flop

Once you land up with an assignment
Doesn’t mean, it’s the end of your impediment
You now have to finish the work to Client’s satisfaction,
After that starts the chase for your compensation

And then there are clients who want superior quality,
But in the name of remuneration expect you to accept charity
Not always that may be the case
Because few clients are the icing with the cake

On top of all there is the pressure to pay,
All your bills, which keeps piling day by day
Not to forget your friends and family,
Who think your work is not to be taken seriously

In the end however, this is the path I prefer,
As my work makes me my sole master
I have the liberty to experiment,
With my intellectual to all my contentment!

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