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Love for all

Love for all

It turns foe into friend,
Makes bitterness of mind end,
Creates a world so bright,
Gives us the energy,
That leads us to live with delight
What is it?
Pity those who choose to run from it,
Fearing, it will finish them,
Bit by bit,
Few have understood it well,
And have grown up to be good individual
What is it?
Its synonymous with god,
To learn this, he sent us down,
Made us this journey, aboard
What else it could be?
But love, that teaches us
To put we before me
Only love is the mentor,
Only love has the power,
To bloom millions of hearts
Into one flower.

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One more from my not too recently wrote poems;


Looking back, when I think,
On a fine day of spring
I saw you passing through
And I wanted to know who are you?
God must have blessed me then,
Or else, would I be so fortunate,
To befriend a gem.
Not long after, life turned bitter.
A deep blow of hatred,
Made things between us, shatter.
Thankfully but, the past has end,
Making me realize,
The value of a true friend
About future, fate will decide
Whether, we would be apart or together,
But I promise, there will be memories,
That will always linger.

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Tale of Time

A little, old poem.....

Tale of time

The time is such a jewel,

Hardly there is anything to it equal
Moves faster than light,
Its influence is mightier than the might
With energy to run so fast
One entire life ends, Like a dream of past
New experiences, new lessons, brings with it,
For each one of us to knit

The time is such a jewel,
Hardly there is anything to it equal
There is nobody who can preach,
Better than what the time can teach
Opportunities for the deserving and the wise,
Time showers when needs rise
Sometimes neat sometimes mess
For the time to favour us,
Let all of us pray,
At the end of the day.

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Not Alone



Fate hasnt changed its tone,
Still not anymore I m alone
Around me the light of sun rays,
Has illuminated all my days
When no one was with me,
Cuckoos gave me company
In solitude, I can now be never,
Maybe now I have grown clever
Found many friends around,
They were always here making silent sound
To hear them it took me a while,
Until they brought me a smile
Pain of the world they shoo away,
The mild wind cheers me up in a sway
Fate hasnt changed its tone,
Still not anymore I m alone
Worries bothered more at night,
When black sky wins over white
The twinkling star-studded sky plays a part,
Sad thoughts doesnt get a start
Wonder, when I was told
In the times very old,
Even with very little to spare,
Together with peace, people stayed pair
Probably, their hearts did nurture,
A kind friend called NATURE.

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