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Fellows till time allows

Those times were so great,
To live fullest, was the only aim,
For which, there is no regret
But now, It’s not the same

Was it my action or word
To which, u put the blame?
Or is life the culprit,
Who spoiled the game,

To not let our thoughts meet
Or is it something else,
Once just once,
Help me, clear the mess

Our friendship is like a butterfly,
Even with a short life,

We can reach the sky,
This is the time to be happy, not cry
Over things, we don’t have a hold,
Leave it on destiny to unfold,

Till then understand please,
The harshness of life,
Not let disturb your ease

’Coz, it will be difficult for me to bear,
Losing a friend, I really care.

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By I-m-me @ 2:26 PM,


At 11:52 PM, Blogger Lalsa Verma said... the only word that comes to my mind.

Keep it up sachana!!!


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